New Zealand Pre-Wedding | South Island Mountains and Lakes | Lenny & Robert


What makes New Zealand pre-wedding so beautiful is the surreal mountain, lake and natural landscapes. The magnificent high country, snowy mountains, rocky cliffs and pristine blue lakes give you an extraordinary once a lifetime pre-wedding experience. Our New Zealand pre-wedding is not just about taking amazing photos, but we are here to give you a cross country … Continue reading

New Zealand Pre-Wedding | South Island Pre-Wedding Tour | Anu & Derek


New Zealand South Island Pre-wedding tour is designed to take you to some of the best destination in New Zealand. The pre-wedding tour includes visiting the magnificent high country, pristine blue lakes, up high on the mountain tops and mystic forests. The tour covers the most popular region Queenstown, Wanaka, … Continue reading

New Zealand Pre-Wedding | Magnificent High Country Scenery | Angelina & Ping


New Zealand Pre-wedding is popular for its magnificent high country scenery. When you think about high country, you automatically think about mountains, valleys, vineyards and of cause New Zealand sheep.  This is exactly where we were with Angelina and Ping for their beautiful high country New Zealand pre-wedding. We were … Continue reading

New Zealand Pre-Wedding | South Island Mountains and Cliffs | JiaPing & WeiLi


If you love mountains, cliffs and rocks, you will also love New Zealand and if you happen to be looking for a destination pre-wedding, New Zealand would be your best destination.  Of the famous Southern Alps that runs 500km north to south in the South Island, there are many high … Continue reading

New Zealand Pre-Wedding | Destination Pre-Wedding in South Island| Claudia & Ryan


Our New Zealand pre-wedding tour takes you to the most beautiful places in New Zealand. This blog post of Claudia and Ryan’s pre-wedding tour will show you some of the most picturesque views that you can expect from New Zealand. We toured from Lake Tekapo to Queenstown and along … Continue reading

New Zealand Elopement | Queenstown Wedding | Stoneridge Wedding


New Zealand is an extremely popular oversea wedding destination. Every year, couples travel across the world to have their elopement and weddings in New Zealand. Of the many popular places here, Queenstown elopement/wedding is on the top of the list due to its picturesque views and backdrops for romantic … Continue reading

New Zealand Pre-Wedding Destination | At the top of New Zealand Heli Pre-Wedding


For the most extraordinary New Zealand Pre-Wedding destination, you must go to the top of the mountains for the most breath taking views. We offer Heli Pre-Wedding packages which will take you to one of the New Zealand’s high mountain peaks by a helicopter.  The heli pre-wedding includes … Continue reading

New Zealand Pre-Wedding | Queenstown and Lake Tekapo Pre-Wedding | Sandy & Handoko


New Zealand is one of the most popular destination for pre-wedding. You will be amazed by the breath taking landscape and views. Our pre-wedding tours take you to two of the most popular pre-wedding destination in New Zealand – Queenstown and Lake Tekapo. Our pre-wedding takes you to the most … Continue reading

New Zealand Pre-Wedding | Most Popular Pre-Wedding Destination Lake Tekapo | Jennifer & Benjamin


One of the most popular New Zealand pre-wedding destination is Lake Tekapo.  Lake Tekapo is an idyllic alpine spot due to its breath taking scenery. The beautiful turquoise blue lake created by rock flour from surrounding glaciers sets it apart from other lakes. In summer time, Lake Tekapo is … Continue reading