About Kent Yu

Kent is a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. He and his team specialise in modern and contemporary weddings. Kent has his work published in international magazines and is a regular author to a number of photographic publication. He is fascinated by photographic equipment and enjoys showcasing the gear used in creating his images. You can find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Fiji Wedding | Fiji Wedding Photographer

Kent Yu Photography is please to announce its Fiji destination pre-wedding and wedding day photography packages for all brides and grooms to be. Experience and capture the tropical sunshine, crystal clear water, astonishing essence that Fiji has to offer. For more information, please feel free to contact us or … Continue reading

Off camera flash triggers – Yongnuo or Pocket Wizard?

Off camera flash triggers from PocketWizard and Yongnuo are both very popular for distinctively different reasons. PocketWizard is the industry standard, its latest triggers Flex TT5 (Nikon | Canon) and Plus III are very reliable and packed with tons of features (HSS, TTL, groups), … Continue reading

Simple portrait lighting setups

Studio lighting doesn’t need to be complex. You can create beautiful studio portrait lighting with just one or two lights. More importantly, have a mind-set to what type of lighting and images  you want to create. You might be overwhelmed by the different types of lighting equipment and modifiers at … Continue reading

Studio Portraits with Miss Universe NZ | Wellington Wedding Photographer

A couple of months back, we invited Rachel Millns our latest Miss Universe New Zealand 2014 to the studio for a photoshoot. I know Rachel previously and she has always been  a pleasure to shoot with. The studio session took place in a bridal setting and my objective is simply … Continue reading

Amazing wedding photography at an affordable price

Kent Yu Photography is proud to announce its 2015 wedding photography special for all brides and grooms to be. All wedding photography packages will receive a discount from March 2015 – August 2015. Simply mention “2015 Wedding Promotion” to enjoy a discount on your wedding photography. For more information on … Continue reading

Cinematic wedding engagement photos | Wellington Wedding Photographer

As videos and films are becoming mainstream and blockbuster movies are growing bigger as ever, cinematic creation is well regarded. In the wedding industry, cinematic wedding films have been around for sometime and are highly praised as your dream wedding being portrayed like a film. Cinematic photography has also taken … Continue reading