Canon 7D Mark II or Canon 5D Mark III

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Since the introduction of the new Canon 7D Mark II, there have been a lot of praises about the camera. Our first impression and hands on review agree with what everyone thinks. It is a very solid camera with superior 65 points auto focus, 10 fps, dual slots, weather sealing and built in GPS. There is no doubt it is the best APS-C sensor camera that Canon is offering at the moment. When Canon introduces such a solid camera, it always get compared to the Canon 5D Mark III which has become a baseline.  So the ultimate question is the Canon 7D Mark II better than the Canon 5D Mark III?

The Canon 5D III is a three years old camera now, so there are some functions that are superseded by the new 7D II like the 65 points cross type AF, improved weather sealing, faster fps and improved video features.  The only advantages that the 5D III still has over the 7D II are the full frame sensor (which leads to better glass choice and ISO performance) and better battery life. Having said that, the soon to be announce 5D IV will definitely bring the 5D series back on top. It is expected to carry much of the new features introduced in the 7D II.

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You can order your Canon EOS 7D Mark II  here or Canon 5D III here

I have been using the 7D Mark II for quite some time now and love how it performs just like the 5D III but cost 40% less. With cost saving, you can even get yourself a nice  Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art or 50mm f/1.4 Art. Despite of that, the 5D III still has an edge in low light performance due to the larger sensor and if you want to take full advantages of some of the best glasses like 50mm f/1.2 and 85mm f/1.2, you will need to use a full frame camera.

For me, I have kept turning to the Canon 7D II for studio portraits recently and when high ISO is not needed, it shines in every aspect and produces stunning images.


If you are deciding between the Canon 7D II and Canon 5D III, it is a pretty easy choice really. Two cameras are completely different despite they have similar features and size. Ultimately, full frame cameras like the 5D III will always have  a better ISO performance, so if ISO performance is not critical to you, get the Canon 7D II. You will not regret saving $1200 and have the extra cash for a nice lens.


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