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As videos and films are becoming mainstream and blockbuster movies are growing bigger as ever, cinematic creation is well regarded. In the wedding industry, cinematic wedding films have been around for sometime and are highly praised as your dream wedding being portrayed like a film. Cinematic photography has also taken an interesting turn, producing images that look like they were captured from films. There are more and more wedding couples looking for that special wedding and engagement photos, and cinematic wedding and engagement photography could be the next big thing. To achieve that cinematic style, the work starts from the planning stage with camera angle, focal length, the use of depth of field, lighting  and most importantly the mood setting in the scene. Post process is quite simple with basic colour editing and most importantly cinematic widescreen cropping. Most cameras are designed to take photos at 3:2 ratio, so a 16:9 widescreen cropping is required in the post process.

For the cinematic couple shoot that I have recently, I have retained the 3:2 image ratio to make it more convenient for prints and canvas. But, I have added a touch of cinematic with the use of camera angle, depth of field, lighting and post process. Leave us a comment below if you are fan of cinematic creation.


About Kent Yu

Kent is a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. He and his team specialise in modern and contemporary weddings. Kent has his work published in international magazines and is a regular author to a number of photographic publication. He is fascinated by photographic equipment and enjoys showcasing the gear used in creating his images. You can find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google+
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