Gold Coast Trip – Part 4 Wet ‘n’ Wild

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Another stunning day at the theme park, this time is the Wet ‘n’ Wild. We had given a day break in between with the Sea World so that we can charge up and prepare for the extreme H20 thrill rides like Kamikaze, Tornado, Blackhole, Surfrider and Mach 5. Wet ‘n’ Wild was the most fun theme park for me. It was relax, wet, wild and thrill. I would definnitely get the annual pass if I live in Brisbane or Gold Coast.

Heading towards Wet n Wild

Wet ‘n’ Wild Entrance ahead.

Mammoth Falls – The Mammoth River Ride features 4.5 metre wide troughs winding over more than 200 metres of white water rapids and ridden in giant six-person tubes.

Gaint wave pool – Add 3 million litres of water and a consistent one-metre swell makes for a lot of fun.

Overseeing Tornado and Surfrider in the background

Buccaneer Bay – The ultimate kids’ zone full of colour and cool interactive elements.

We are heading to there…

Claypso Beach – Slow-flowing river takes you through lush sub-tropical gardens, a Caribbean shanty town and the remains of a pirate castle.

SpeedCoaster – Take off on the ultimate tandem tube slide and try to crack the speed record before hitting the totally exhilarating zero-gravity finish.

River Rapids – Slip and slide your way down Whitewater Mountain on Wet’n’Wild’s all new River Rapids!

Enough for the beginner rides, now for the Extreme H2O zone….First up

Mach 5 – The longest and fastest water slides at Wet’n’Wild, the Mach 5 is made up of five separate high energy slides. Tackle the Sidewinders, two open air flumes that rocket down a twisting path and the Jetstreams, three adrenaline pumping high speed body slides

Kamikaze – Kamikaze is a unique combination wet/dry attraction and the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Water spray jets provide a frictionless surface on the giant U-shaped slide as rafts are channelled effortlessly to the bottom.

Blackhole – The Blackhole features two fully enclosed slides that catapult riders into pitch black spirals of darkness. You don’t know which way you’re turning next, and you don’t see a thing until you hit the final splashdown!

Tornado – Begin the wild journey on the Tornado super-slide from a 15-metre high platform, then blast down a 40-metre long tunnel – right into the middle of a storm.

Overseeing both Tornado and Blackhole

Last but not least, the Surfrider – Ever wondered what it’s like to ride some of the biggest waves in the world? What’s it like being towed into a 50ft face? This ride delivers the experience with major thrills as you plummet downwards on a giant surfboard simulating dropping into a massive wave


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