Gold Coast Trip – Part 8 Brisbane day trip

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As a side trip, we spent a day at Brisbane, mainly just to get a general impression of it while we are in Queensland. It took about 1.5 hrs drive from Gold Coast to Brisbane, about 100km drive.
Brisbane city map. I took a photo of it to guide us around.

Queens Plaza

The landmark of Brisbane City Hall @ King George Square.

We spent most of the time in the morning checking out the centeof the city around Queen street and Adelaide Street.

Then we caught up with another mall

The foodcourt packed with people at lunch time.

Surprisingly, I found a Crumpler @ Adelaide St, Brisbane

Brisbane ChinaTown @ Wickham street, Brisbane

Entrance to ChinaTown

I belong to Year of Horse

Grace belongs to Year of Tiger

The other side of entrance

We stopped at Chinatown to have a quick lunch before we head out to the Brisbane river

We then drove to the Brisbane river after lunch. The Brisbane River is the longest river in southeast Queensland, Australia. The stroy bridge in the background was built in 1940, named after John Douglas Story.

Captures from the bank of Brisbane river


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