Low light shooting with Olympus PEN m4/3

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If you are still doubting whether you can shoot in low light condition using mirrorless cameras, then this blog post hopefully answers some of your questions. Compact cameras such as Canon S95/100 and Panasonic LX5 known to be great for shooting in low light. These cameras equipped with fast f/2 lens are typically acceptable shooting up to ISO 400 but that is too low if you want to shoot anything indoor. Read more here.

With mirrorless cameras like the Olympus PEN, Sony NEX, Panasonic GF or even the new Nikon 1, they are all capable of producing acceptable images at ISO 800, with Sony NEX being slight better due to its larger APS sensor. I would say ISO 800 is the minimum required to shoot in indoor especially when lighting is limited.

A couple of months back, I took the Olympus PEN out and tested out shooting in low light at the Tangerine Bar. Thanks to Jason and his crew for letting me taking photos there. By the way, they make awesome cocktails and tiger chicken. Give them a try !

I shot the images using the Olympus E-P1 and 17mm f/2.8. The 17mm is equivalent to 35mm which is not very wide but it is a great lens for casual/street shooting and travel.

All the images are shot with at least ISO 800. The images of the Tangerine Bar are shot at ISO 1250 and the rest at ISO 800.

Tangerine Bar

Jason doing the cocktails

EL Flamingo and Tangerama Sans Drama


Affogato – Espresso coffee & ice-cream


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