Lowepro slingshot 200aw

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Lowepro Slingshot 202 AW is a medium size sling bag in the Slingshot range. The smallest version is Slingshot 102 AW and the biggest version is Slingshot 302 AW. The benefit of a sling bag is that you can quickly access your equipment by slinging your bag forward to the front. The Slingshot 200 AW has a small top compartment for your accessories like filters, cables and filters.  The Slingshot 200 is quite a decent size camera bag , but not too bulky. If you need notebook storage, check out Lowepro’s Fastpack 250 and 350. As to most Lowepro camera bags, it has an All Weather cover. There is a tripod mount on the front. One disadvantage with sling bags is that it only uses one shoulder to carry the weight of your equipment, compare to both shoulders with backpacks, you will get tired much easier. A loaded Slingshot 200 can weigh up to 7kg+, it is not very pleasure to carry all that weight on one shoulder. I can be very awkward for long photography trips.
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Here is a comparison between Fastpack 200 and Slingshot 200.
_DSC9790 _DSC9797
Size comparison between Slingshot 200 AW and Crumpler 7 million dollar home.


Here is how I arranged the Slingshot 200.



Compared to the Fastpack 200, the Slingshot 200 AW can fit a bit more gear inside due to the smaller top compartment.


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