New Features in MacBook Pro with Retina Display

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Apple announced the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display yesterday. Apple did a major revamp on this new MacBook Pro. It equips with a 5.1 million pixels Retina display similar to the new iPad, an all-flash architecture, Quad-core Intel Core i7 processors and in a design that’s just 0.71 inch thin and 4.46 pounds. Much thinner and lighter of it predecessor. It is powerful and with a superb display that makes everything remarkably more vibrant, detailed and sharper which is perfect for photographers and video editors.

The new MacBook Pro with Retina Display is now available at B&H.

Retina Display with 2880 x 1800 resolution

Most significant improvement of all is a retina display just like the new iPad. Apple has managed to pack over 5 million pixels into a 15.4-inch display the results are positively stunning. The pixel density is so high, your eyes can’t discern individual pixels. The resolution is more than HD could offer with a 2880-by-1800 resolution, you can see more of your high-resolution images onscreen.

Imagine you can edit HD video which won’t cover up the whole screen. The new Retina display is designed to reduce glare while maintaining incredible color and quality. In fact, it has a 29 per cent higher contrast ratio than a standard MacBook Pro display. Blacks are blacker. Whites are whiter. With 2880 by 1800 pixels, the resolution of the Retina display is so high, it rivals the printed page.  It is the perfect screen for photo and video processing.

Intel iCore 7 and Flash storage

The new MacBook Pro comes with the fastest mobile quad-core processor on the market: the Intel Core i7. With speeds up to 2.7GHz, 6MB of shared L3 cache, and Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.7GHz, these processors are great for running professional applications like Aperture and Final Cut Pro. They also support up to 16GB of superfast 1600MHz memory.

The new MacBook Pro also supports up to 768GB of flash storage which you’ll notice a difference in starting up, apps launch, etc.  Flash storage, which gives you twice the performance in file open and system boot and up to four times the performance of a traditional hard drive in file duplicaion. This makes using Final Cut Pro or Aperture super fast for the most demanding photo and video processing

Ports and Connections

The new MacBook Pro now includes two USB 3.0 ports as well as two thunderbolt ports to connect to just about anything — external displays, RAID arrays, video capture devices, even FireWire peripherals. The essentials like HDMI port, SDXC slot, WiFi and blutetooth 4.0 are all available in this new MacBook Pro.

The perfect tool for photography

At a resolution of 2880 x 1800, the Retina display is the perfect place to view and edit your high-resolution photos. Dot for dot, more of your image can fit on the screen — which makes editing photos far more precise. And with four times the number of pixels than a standard HD display, you can see fine details and textures like never before.

With two ultrafast Thunderbolt ports, two USB 3 ports, and an SDXC card slot, you can build a photo studio around this MacBook Pro. Or take it with you and import thousands of RAW images on location — up to five times faster than on a standard MacBook Pro.Once your photos are on your computer, editing in Aperture is faster and more responsive than on any notebook. And high-speed flash storage lets you quickly browse large image libraries from internal storage. So you have instant access to any photo in your library.

The perfect tool for video editing too

The processor, graphics, and memory inside the all-new MacBook Pro are built around an all-flash architecture. Fast responsive flash storage delivers up to nine streams of 1080p ProRes (HQ) content for multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X,while the latest quad-core processors decode multiple streams of video, and a powerful GPU renders millions of pixels onto the screen. With flash storage that offers up to four times the performance of a traditional hard drive, you can even edit four streams of uncompressed 8-bit 1080p HD video, right from your internal storage.

Having four times the pixels of a traditional display changes how you edit video on a notebook. Especially in Final Cut Pro X. For the first time on a portable computer, you can view your video in pixel-accurate 1080p HD and see your editing workspace onscreen at the same time.

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