Nikon D4s is here

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Nikon has announced that the next generation flagship HD-SLR Nikon D4s is currently in development. Before its official release, the Nikon D4s is on display at the 2014 international CED show in Las Vegas. There have been reports that Hong Kong has a prototype on display as well.

The new Nikon D4s will offer better image quality with the use of new image processing engine, continuing to have an unrivalled low light ability. The AF is also said to be improved. There is no doubt that the Nikon D4s will be highly regarded for its speed specially designed for professional photographers. You can see the full press release here.

Further details regarding the Nikon D4S, including announcement date, availability and suggested retail price will be announced at a later date.

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One question remain to be answered is does this new Nikon D4s continue to adopt XQD cards? If you are a Nikon D4 owner, would you be upgrading to the D4s? Please leave us a comment below.

Check out Engadget for more coverage.


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