Nikon SB-700 off Camera Flash

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First my apology for the slow blog updates, I am currently still travelling. Recently I had a shoot using a simple setup with the Nikon SB-700s; One SB-700 as the main off camera flash triggered by another SB-700 on camera. It was a simple setup, there were no softboxes, only my trust worthy DIY bounce mat to control the spread of the flash.

If you want to know what’s new in the SB-700, check out my SB-700 first impression post here.

A new feature that I find very useful is the inclusion of the Master/Commander Mode, the ability to control off camera flashes which previously only offered by the flagship flashes like SB-800 and SB-900. A bit different to the SB-900 is that the SB-700 can only control up to two groups of flashes whereas the SB-900 can control three. The SB-700 has dedicated slide selectors for TTL/M/A modes which I find much easier to use than cycling through the SB-900 in menu mode option.

The Nikon SB-700 worked brilliantly on this simple two speedlight setup. The AF assist helped with focusing in the dark and I don’t remember  having any focusing issue. The only trouble I had was due to the limitation of IR sensor, the sensor has to be turned to the right way and in line of sight for the remote trigger to work.. This is quite a hassle when the flashes didn’t go off and you have to re-create the capture again.  This is where RF triggers from Phottix, Pixel, Pocket Wizard are more superior. More on RF triggers soon when I review the pocket wizard FlexTT5.

The scene was set in Macau while I was travelling. Both Camera and off camera flash were on M. Mostly shot at <1/250s, <f/2.8 and ISO1600.

Here are some of the images, Enjoy !




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avatar Eric H. Adeleye says:

Excellent photographs and review of the SB-700. I’ve been debating if I should get the SB-700 or SB-900 flash. I like the price of the SB-700 much better though. I just wish the SB-700 had an external battery port capability. I’ve subscribed to your blog and flickr stream.

avatar Max Surikov says:

These are great examples. The proper balance of ambient and flash is key for OCF.

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