Pelican case 1614 review

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Sometimes you just got to have a bag or a case that can store everything. Pelican case 1614 is what you need if you need to transport lots of equipment safely. The 1614 comes with padded dividers which you can customised to fit your gear. The interior dimension measures 55.3 x 42.4 x 27 cm. It is deep enough to fit a 70-200mm  f/2.8 vertically. Like all Pelican cases, the 1614 is watertight, airtight, dustproof, virtually indestructible hard case. I particularly use it if I need my gear to be transported safely,  whether by air or by land.  One aspect that I like the Pelican case over the Think Tank Airport series backpack is I know it can survive under any weather condition and any terrain. I can drag it cross mud, wet grass, gravel and all I need to do at the end of the day is to  hose it clean. It will also survive bumps and knocks so I don’t have to worry about it when I leave it aside. With camera backpack, there are some places I need to be cautious with it.

The Pelican 1614 is a fairly large case so it has a built in retractable handle and strong polyurethane wheels to make it more travel friendly. Made out of ultra high impact copolymer and equipped with stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors,  it is super tough.

What can I fit in a Pelican 1614 case?

I was able to fit 12 lenses (probably more if I stack the small lenses together), 2 pro bodies, 4 speedlights, filters, cables, triggers, in it. I don’t often travel with 12 lenses so most of the time I will have my portable strobes in it. The case itself weights 11kg already, so it can easily weight over 25kg when it is fully packed. You will need to make sure the total weight meets the airline requirement if you are to check it in as a luggage.

The Pelican 1614 features 4 latches for security and the latches are double throw which make them easy to open.

The retractable handles and wheels make it much easier to transport around and you will be thankful to have them. The strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings will make sure it can roll over anything.

If you need more room to fit other accessories, you can get the Pelican 1609 lid organiser. I don’t use the lid organiser but instead I use the space to store my macbook pro inside the Think Tank artificial intelligence 17. The Pelican 1614 is a large crushproof case that will give you a peace of mind for all your gear, especially in rough conditions.

Pelican case 1614 is available to order at B&H

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