Pelican case vs Pelican Storm case

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If you are looking for hard cases for transportation of your sensitive equipment, you can’t go wrong with Pelican cases. Pelican cases come in variety sizes, colours, padded, non padded, with dividers, without dividers, and more. There will be one that fits your equipment. If you are familiar with Pelican cases, you will know that they are super tough, airtight and watertight cases. With the pick n pluck foam, you can customise the size and shape of the interior.

With Hardigg being purchased by Pelican, Pelican now also offers cases from the Storm and Hardigg production lines. A lot of people have been asking about the differences between the normal Pelican cases and Pelican Storm cases. Basically, The Storm cases use a lightweight durable impact resistant HPX shell compare to the extreme impact resistant rigid shell of the original Pelican cases. Pelican describes the Storm cases are more consumer standard, however from what I have seen, they are both equally super tough.

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Apart from some cosmetic design differences, a major difference with the Storm cases is the push and pull latches. I have both Pelican and Pelican Storm, so I am pretty familiar with the differences. The Pelican Storm cases utilise a push button latch mechanism which I find is much easier to open and close. Pelican cases’ latches can be pretty tough to open and close, especially when they are still new.

The telescoping handle is also slightly different with the Storm cases, but in terms of build quality, they are virtually the same. I personally don’t feel much difference in terms of build quality and construction. They are both equally super tough. The Pelican Storm case I showed here is the IM2500, which is considered to be a medium size and it can fit quite a number of camera gear. With the pick n pluck foam, I can fit roughly 5 lenses and 1 pro DSLR, but I expect you can fit a lot more if you use the padded divider.

I have chosen a yellow colour Pelican case here because of its high visibility in the dark. It is good to have at least one high visibility colour Pelican case amongst all your other cases, so if you have them laying together in the studio, you will at least know roughly where you have put the cases and not get trip over.

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