Scarborough heads and Nicholson Park @ Sumner

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Taylors Mistake, Whitewash Head and Sumner Head can be found on Scarborugh Hill. They are located at the west to south-west side of the hill. Today, we planned to head out to Taylors Mistake (Map: Lower right).

Whitewash Head is situated in between Sumner Head and Taylors Mistake. the three places are connected by two walkways 1. Scarborough walkway and 2. Taylors Mistake walkway. Our journey begins at Scarboorough Road where we follow Scarborough walkway and head towards to Whitewash Head.

Heading to Whitewash Head

On the way up, we can oversee the coastal area behind us from Sumner Beach to as far as New Brighton Pier.

After passing Whitewash Head on the way down, we can clearly see Taylors Mistake ahead of us.

This sign on Taylors Mistake walkway tells us that the cliff nests near Whitewash Head are home to ‘spotted shags’ and rock pigeons
Rock Pigeon nest found !!!

The view along the way

We are now about an hour into our journey, about half way on Taylors Mistake walkway. Grace points back to where we were one hour ago.

Near the top of Taylors Mistake walkway

and finally we have arrived at Taylors Mistake. We noticed another populated beach in the background.

Overlooking Taylors Mistake from Taylors Mistake walkway

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