Why you should choose iPhone 6 plus over iPhone 6

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Indecisive between the iPhone 6 plus or iPhone 6 ? You are probably like everyone else keep asking yourself

  1. Is the 5.5” screen on the iPhone 6 plus that much better?
  2. Is the iPhone 6 plus too big to carry?
  3. Can I use the iPhone 6 plus with one hand?

These questions are all one sided, we already know that the iPhone 6 plus is better but the only problem is its size. If we can get our heads around it then we know which one to get. I have used both phones side by side and chose the iPhone 6 plus over the iPhone 6 at the end.

First, If you are a photographer like me, then the extra features on the iPhone 6 plus will benefit you more than the size convenience of the iPhone 6. Initially I have decided to get the iPhone 6 and like everyone else thought the iPhone 6 plus is way too big, it won’t fit in my pocket at all and it is too hard to use with one hand. But when i have both phones side by side, I see myself picking up the iPhone 6 plus every time. Here is why.


Technology revolves making things smaller, faster and lighter and it is hard for us to accept something becoming bigger and heavier like the iPhone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 is slightly bigger than the iPhone 5S, so we never felt there is any problem. However, the iPhone 6 plus is quite a lot bigger (33% bigger) and we are reluctant to accept its size. Indeed, some pockets might not fit, but I found most pockets have no problem carrying the iPhone 6 plus. If it doesn’t fit in my pocket, I just put it in my camera bag instead. It does take some time to get use to, but it is not a big deal as you might think. If the iPhone 6 doesn’t fit in your pocket, then   iPhone 6 won’t be much better, it is probably a tight fit anyway. The trick is to get your hands on one and use it for a few days before deciding. I have a tip on how to do this at the end.

iPhone 6 wins – minor difference


The 5.5” screen on the iPhone 6 plus is much bigger than the 4.7” screen on the iPhone 6. It may not sound much, but you will certainly see a difference. The difference is even more predominant when the iPhone 6 plus offers a higher resolution at 1920×1080 @401 ppi compare to the iPhone 6 at 1334×750 @326ppi. HD resolution is considered standard for smartphone nowadays. This makes the lower resolution iPhone 6 a bit outdated. Having used both phones for a while, the screen on the iPhone 6 is sub standard and the iPhone 6 plus screen seems to hit the right spot. The ability to see bigger photos in higher resolution and watch HD video is essential for photographers and videographers. .

iPhone 6 plus wins -significant difference

Battery Life

The battery on smartphones drains really fast no matter how big of a battery we put in it. The iPhone 6 plus has a bigger battery and offers about 20% longer battery life than the iPhone 6, despite the larger display. I charge both iPhone 6 and 6 plus daily at night, so under normal use, there isn’t any difference. However, I found myself using the iPhone 6 plus a lot more and even using it in place of the iPad mini, so a bigger battery definitely helps me to get through the day. With iPhone 6, I need to carry a portable battery  incase it runs out of juice. I am a photographer so I use the camera and editing apps quite frequently, as well as emailing, web browsing and social networking, so the bigger battery definitely makes a noticeable difference.

iPhone 6 plus wins – noticeable difference

Optical Image Stabliser

Optical image stabliser is only available on the iPhone 6 plus. We don’t know how effective it is, but I have tested it enough to see a difference especially in video. If you are shooting in low light, the optical image stabliser is a saviour.

iPhone 6 plus wins – noticeable difference


The price difference between the 6 and 6 plus is almost a non issue. The difference is about $100 US. If price is an issue, you might want to consider other cheaper alternatives.

iPhone 6 wins – minor difference

Final Thoughts

It was a pretty easy decision for me to choose the iPhone 6 plus over the 6. If you absolutely want portability, then pick the iPhone 6, otherwise iPhone 6 plus has so much to offer. the bigger screen and longer battery life make a significant difference. I do recommend you to try both phones before deciding. You can’t see the benefits of the 6 plus unless you use it for a few days.Initially  I thought I will be getting the iPhone 6, but  having used both phones side by side, I see myself picking up the iPhone 6 plus every time. Apps like instagram, facebook  look so much nicer on a big screen, camera apps and editing apps also works better on the bigger screen. Overall, the benefits of having a bigger and higher resolution screen outweighs the portability problem. The 6 plus isn’t that big after you use it for a while, in fact the iPhone 6 feels small over time and its non HD resolution makes it obsolete much quicker. You can purchase both phones, try them and return one that is used less often after 14 days. Apple has a 14 days right of return policy.

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